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THE SPECifics: Andrea Estella On Dreams, David Bowie, Guilty Pleasures

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Twin Sister is Andrea Estella, Dev Gupta, Gabe D’Amico, Eric Cardona and Bryan Ujueta.

The New York-based band formed in 2008 and released its first EP, Vampires With Dreaming Kids, in November of the same year. In their short career, they’ve accomplished a lot, including sharing the stage with bands such as Wild Nothing, John Maus, Explosions in the Sky and The Morning Benders. Playing alongside these musicians has left an impression on the band members. “They all work extremely hard and sacrifice a lot for their music,” says lead singer Estella. “Helps me to keep on.”

Find out more about the band and Estella’s fears, favorite films and soft spots below…

In 2011,  a year after the release of their second EP Color Your Life, Twin Sister made their full-length debut with In Heaven. The album was put together over a four-month period at a rented house in the Hamptons. “I think the Hamptons gave us a nice amount of space and privacy to be loud whenever we wanted. It helped us write In Heaven in what I think was a short period of time,” the frontwoman tells The Spec.

Twin Sister’s music is often called “dreamy,” a label Estella loves. But what are the dreams of the 20-something-year-old singer made of? “Horror, comedy, romance, drama, anime, mostly non-fiction,” she admits. And musically? Well, she’d prefer to have her musical career emulate David Bowie‘s. “…he got to be in Zoolander! I hope I look like David Bowie when I grow up.”

The band is currently on tour with Ava Luna, a group that Estella lists as one of her favorite bands at the moment, in addition to Lost Boy?, Avoxblue, Oberhofer and Bear In Heaven.

To learn more about the leading lady, we asked Estella questions that (sorta) relate to song lyrics from In Heaven… 

1. Daniel” — Hotels are loneliest”
You guys travel a lot. What do you take with you or do to remind yourselves of home, family and friends?
I bring noodles, sesame oil, soy sauce, sriracha, a kettle, bowls, knife, chopsticks, small cutting board. I like to cook and I miss it when I’m away. I try to do it best I can while on the road. I also bring a whole pharmacy, my closet, all my shoes, bedding, my tool box of art supplies. This all makes me feel like I’m home in my room. Nothing can replace my dog, she smells like Fritos, so just a fresh bag of Fritos and a picture.

2. “Stop” — “I keep telling myself to stop”
What is one (or some) of your guilty pleasures or bad habits?
Greasy, naughty fooods! I love hot dogs with lots of toppings, deep fried stuff, garlic powder, FRENCH FRIES and giant ice cream sundaes!!!!

3. “Bad Street”– “I want it bad”
What do you want badly for your band to achieve? Where do you see Twin Sister five years from now?
Happiness and 10 more albums. In five years, I see us all having proper homes.

4. “Space Babe” — “If it were up to me / I’d never leave”
What is one of your favorite spaces/places to be?
My room. I think it would be my apartment, if I had one.

5. “Kimmi In A Rice Field” — Kimmi runs the field is alive / It swallows her whole body, she fights
What are you afraid of? Rational or not? Career related or not?
Serial killers, scary men and deep, dark water. I’ve been afraid of these things since I was a little girl.

6. “Luna’s Theme” — “And I hear it in your voice that sweet side of you / Sweet side of you”
What do you have a soft spot for?
Cute girls, teen drama television series.

7. “Spain” — “It’s hard to choose the life you want”
What did you want to grow up to be as a child? What were your pre-Twin Sister career goals?
Visual artist, animator and musician.

8. “Gene Campi” — If you like Gene Ciampi / you will love his movies!
So you like film? What are your all-time-favorite films?
Princess Mononoke, Castle of Cagliostro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Zoltan Korda’s Jungle Book, Rob Zombies Halloween 1+2, Serendipity the Pink Dragon, Porco Rosso,Evil Dead 2, Disney’s Cinderella, Disney’s Fantasia, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Funny Face, Child’s Play 1+2…………………………..

9. “Saturday Sunday” — My weekends are loveless and so dull
When you’re not on tour, how do you like to spend your off days? Specifically, your weekends?
I stay in a lot, working on art projects, songs and helping my friends with their projects. I like to catch up with friends and family. Every day is the weekend to me.

10. “Eastern Green” — Something looking right through me
Describe what is at the core of Twin Sister in one word.

Twin Sister, Ava Luna, and ROAR will perform at Crescent Ballroom on Tuesday, Jan. 31. The Spec is giving away one pair of tickets to the show, click here for details.


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