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Miyazaki: Dancier


“The intricacies of Japanese youth and pop culture … angsty teen punk rockers … huge and flashy electronic signs … j-pop … talking street ads … Tokyo street culture, etc.,” explained Eduardo Rodela, singer and music maker.

Allow me to introduce you to Miyazaki. The gods of music would all but smite me for keeping this gem of a band a secret.

Originally a side project for Rodela and bassist Scott Bauer, this DC-based collaboration is bent on creating wonderfully danceable electronic beats.

With the addition of Rodela’s girlfriend, Marisa Grotte, the band found new variety with vocals.

“In the early stages of writing the first few songs, I was having some difficulty in coming up with vocal melodies,” Rodela said. “So I asked my girlfriend Marisa for help, and basically realized she would add so much to the sound.”

(I’m reminded of another band that found magic with the addition of a member’s girlfriend … New Order, anyone?)

Local DJs began to take notice and, Rodela said, “we were encouraged to keep doing what we were doing.”

Rob Hart completed the foursome and the band officially came together in spring of this year, and has since begun recording a debut album which they hope to complete by late fall.

“We are doing all recording and mixing DIY at our recording/rehearsal space, Gold Leaf Studios,” he said. “The space is an ex hoisery manufacturing warehouse, and one of the last artist friendly spaces in DC which is set to close at the end of the year…so we have our deadline set out for us.”

Already out is the crazy addictive “Sequence,” a song that I cannot get enough of.

According to Rodela, this song took about two years to write, and he nearly scrapped it altogether. The world is so lucky he did not.

Moody yet upbeat, mixed with lyrics that simply won’t leave me, this is a tune that seems to celebrate in the memory of New Order, and it has me all kinds of excited for the debut album.

when you look at the blue/do you wonder who/thinks of you?” I think of Miyazaki.

And what about that sweet name?

Both Rodela and Grotte are fans of Japanese animation film director Hayao Miyazaki, and the name seemed to stick better than any other option.

“We thought that it could be interesting to use a non English name so it wouldn’t have any preconceived or loaded language or confusion over the meaning,” Rodela said.

In addition to recording, the band is focusing on East Coast shows for the moment, but hopes to venture out after the album is released. Bauer is from Tucson, so a stop in the southwest may be in the cards as well.

Rodela said they are trying to create an album that mixes tempos and moods, but sticks to the formula of electronic beats.

“I’m always wary of genre-hopping bands, so we’ve definitely wanted to have all songs follow along a similar vein,” he said.

“In terms of ‘Sequence‘ sounding like our other songs, I’d say half of our songs follow that form and feel, and the other half are similar but are sort of a dancier variety.”

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