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Interview with Metronomy Frontman Joseph Mount

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Photo by Gregoire Alexandre

Metronomy will make its Arizona debut at Crescent Ballroom on Saturday, Oct. 18. The London-based band is touring in support of its latest album, Love Letters, and is guaranteed to get you dancing and bobbing along to the funky bass lines, snapping to the beat, and singing along to “The Bay” (my personal favorite).

Below, read The Spec‘s interview with Metronomy’s Joseph Mount… 

love letter, metronomy interview, joseph mount interview, metronomy at crescent ballroomThe Spec: For your Love Letters album, did you approach this record differently than past records? Explain.
Joseph Mount: Yes. The easiest way to describe it is this: we rely so much on computers for our music. The use of technology has enabled me to make music on my own. So, for the new record, I bounced around the idea of if I could make a record without computers. We recorded it entirely analog, with tape and an 8-track analog recorder.

TS: I noticed on your Spotify playlist, you’ve got a wide variety of music interests. Care to share your music inspirations?
JM: People at my age (which he disclosed is 32) tend to listen to the stuff we loved as teens. So, I listen to a lot of rap, R&B, and indie music. I’ve always loved music without trying to label it, but those are the genres I tend to draw towards. When you’re young, you go through fads, and it’s interesting to see which fads stick.

TS: Your latest video for “Month of Sundays” is a roller coaster through an ancient building. Where did you film that? Whose idea was it?
JM: We filmed it in a residential complex in London called “Barbican.” It was a social housing community in the 1960’s. Our director made a camera rig fit for the Barbican. It was his original idea to film throughout London, then we had decided on the housing community. We tried to arrange for him to film on tour, but it didn’t work out.

TS: You’ve collaborated with a variety of artists to produce remix versions of their songs. What has been your favorite remix to work on and why?
JM: For a while, I just wanted people to hear Metronomy. So, I offered to remix some songs here and there. Some of my favorite remixes to work on would probably be with Franz Ferdinand, but also Lady Gaga because I knew those songs would reach a mass amount of people. So, I tended to pour more work and dedication into those remixes.

TS: Have you been to Arizona before? Yes: What do you like? No: What are you excited to discover?
JM: I’ve never been, and honestly, I don’t know what’s there! I’m showing up with arms open, ready for fleeting experiences.

TS: On your website, you have a “mixtape” option. Can you explain what that is and how that came about?
JM: Our label in Australia suggested the idea of a mixtape, where people could make a love-themed mix with the look of a cassette tape and send it to a lover. It ties back to the origin of a mixtape, which we found fascinating.

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