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Matt Pond Phones in, Talks New Album, Tour Life

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Matt Pond, a songwriter from New York, released his newest album earlier this month titled The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand. With this release, Pond’s music has been featured on prominent websites, such as Rolling Stone and Paste. Along with this, he’s had a few recent television appearances, and his already committed fan following is continuing to grow.

While traveling through Nashville on a day off, musician Matt Pond had a phone interview with The Spec. Though connected only by the cold plastic pressed to our faces, Pond and I discussed album title significance, tour life, and why people should attend the upcoming Pond, Jukebox the Ghost, and The Lighthouse and the Whaler show at Crescent Ballroom on Feb. 26.

The Spec: Are you excited to return to Arizona?
Matt Pond: Yeah! Honestly, I can’t wait to get out of the cold. I’ve been freezing and snowed in for so many of these weeks. This has made the whole tour process a lot crazier, and it’s already crazy.

TS: So it’s like crazy on crazy?
MP: Exactly!

TS: What would you say are your favorite and least favorite parts about tour life?
MP: I mean, I like it because you live inside the moment, and if you have a good crew, like this crew, you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends all the time. They might drive you crazy but, you know, I think it’s mutual. To me, the worst part is just being disconnected from home. Actually though, this tour has changed a lot. We usually get along with other people we tour with, but we really get along with the people we’re touring with right now, and it feels wrong. There are a lot of us, and we share small spaces together, and it’s kind of weird but cool. I feel like something has to go wrong since everything’s going right.

TS: That’s great you guys have that connection.
MP: Yeah it’s weird, but it makes things a lot easier.

TS: I was wondering about the title of your new album, The Lives Inside the Lines of Your Hands, is there any significance to it?
MP: I broke my leg on a past tour, and I wrote the song and a lot of the album on that tour since I had a lot of free time. I don’t know how to say this; I had to just rely on people a lot more than I was used to. I met someone that I wrote a lot of the album about and they caught me falling backwards down a set of stairs. I guess it’s more that idea of being saved by other people, by their hands basically. It’s like this tour, we get to know each other, like each other, not like each other, spend crazy amounts of time together, and then just depart, and everyone scatters. It’s a really weird feeling. With my music, there are just so many different lives and so many different cities and so many different people that I’ve known, and it just keeps going on and on.

TS: What about this new album are you most excited about? The performing aspect? Having people listen to it?
MP: Well, the hope is that people will listen to it! I mean, for me, the most exciting part of an album is finishing it. They’re hard and they take out a huge part of your life, and everything is a decision. Every note you have to say, I want that or I don’t want that. For this album, we worked on it a lot for a long time, and it’s just fun to be done. Now I’m already starting to think about the next record. That’s what the problem is, it’s like an addiction.

TS: Is there anything you would like your fans to know about the upcoming show here?
Mp: The cool thing about this tour is that everybody likes each other, and everybody cares about what they’re doing. Everyone appreciates being here and being able to do this and that’s huge. At least for me it is. As much as I prefer to sleep more than two hours a night, I choose this.

Matt Pond is currently touring with Jukebox the Ghost and The Lighthouse and the Whaler. Tickets are still available online, via Ticketfly, for the Phoenix gig on Feb. 26.

Curious to know Tesoriero’s thoughts on Pond’s newest release? Read her review of the album below…

Matt Pond, Matt Pond PA, Matt Pond interview, Matt Pond review, Matt Pond PA interview, Matt Pond tour, The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand, The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand reviewMatt Pond – The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand

Released: Feb. 5
Our Rating: 3.7/5
Spec Recs: “Let Me Live,” “Love to Get Used,” “Human Beings”
In One Word: Cabin-esque

The calming, yet distinct, voice of Matt Pond and the lyrics that warm one’s insides as much as this tea I’m drinking, are merely a few of the commendable qualities that Pond’s new album has in store for listeners. The songwriter makes it simple for his audience to relate and connect with his music on a personal level because his statements –lyrically and musically– are memorable and meaningful.

Pond’s strongest quality in The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand is his ability to make unique melodies that are still simplistic enough to be catchy. Throughout the album, the subtle addition of electronic elements changes Pond’s singer-songwriter sound into something more, and acts as a nice surprise. As previously stated, the lyrics are splendid. Lines like, “I know that someday I will make sense to someone” from the “Starlet,” or “…where you string your words like lights up just for me” from title track “The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand” make me smile and think about how he came up with them. When lyrics make you stop to ponder, an artist is doing something right.

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