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Kyle Andrews: New Album, Tour, Current Playlist

Photo by Amanda Rogers

Kyle Andrews is back with a new sound and an album Robot Learn Love to match. Andrews’ debut release came in 2006 with Amos in Ohio, and every year since then, the 29-year-old musician has consistently recorded and released new music.

He is currently on tour in support of his new album, and will perform at Venue 104 in Tempe on Monday, Nov. 14.

Throughout his career, Andrews’ sound has been classified as many things:

Bedroom pop – In Amos in Ohio, Andrews did electronic bedroom pop at his finest.

Sweet — How much sweeter could he get in Find Love, Let Go where in the opening track he talks of open mouth kisses, soda pop wishes and sings, “I hope you find love / and grow a new center / and let go / and let go / of hurt.

Catchy — Andrews reached new popularity in 2010. First with “You Always Make Me Smile,” a track from the Kangaroo EP that made its way into a Holiday Inn commercial and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Then with “Bombs Away” andWe Were Colors,” songs that received television time in Doritos and Dell commercials, respectively.

Though these descriptors aren’t necessarily unfavorable, Andrews has left behind those labels in his newest effort. Released in August, Robot Learn Love displays pop-rock, dance, and electro-pop, while looking at the themes of life – hurt, longing, heartbreak, love – through a modern lens of technology.

The concept of technology is seen in every aspect of the album. From the cover art, to the song titles that feature instant and text messaging shorthand, to the creation process that saw Andrews recording lo-fi vocals through a built-in laptop microphone and integrating instrument-simulation software, to using top-of-the-line studio preamps and tracking live string players at professional recording studios.

The music of Kyle Andrews  has taken flight, and if his new album is any indicator of where things are headed, they are on an escape shuttle hurtling towards an exploding star, according to Andrews.

In his live performances, backed by a full band, the Tennessee-based artist takes on a new energy, powered by elements of rock ‘n’ roll. “Our favorite song to play live is ‘Heart U 4 Ever,’” says Andrews. “It’s got the big sing-along chorus, heavy guitar riff, and a beat that gets the room moving.”

The Spec had the opportunity to ask Andrews what he’s been listening to lately. Here’s what he had to  say: 

Lana Del Ray – “Blue Jeans
I have this on repeat lately. Her voice is strange and compelling. The production and lyrics counter each other well. Looking forward to the full record coming out.

Radio Lab –  Lost & Found (Season 9, Episode 2)
A really well-produced podcast. They use creative audio production/collaging to tell stories in a captivating way.

Mates of State Mountain Tops 
A really great indie pop record. Some really catchy songs.

Roy Orbison being wrapped in Clingfilm
This is care of Dabney, the keyboard player from Madi Diaz. Each of these short stories ends with Roy Orbison being wrapped in Clingfilm. Odd and amazing.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  – It’s a Corporate World
This is my favorite record of the year. We got to catch them in Austin before our show. Great harmonies, inventive soundscapes, and really nice group of people.

*Listen to a Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. remix of “Heart U 4 Ever” on SoundCloud.

Upcoming tour dates with Madi Diaz:

Nov.14 – Tempe, AZ @ Venue 104
Purchase tickets ($8-10) here.

Nov.15 – Ocean Beach, CA @ Winston’s
Nov.16 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Hotel Café
Nov.17 – San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah
Nov.19 – Bend, OR @ The Sound Garden Studio
Nov.20 – Portland, OR @ Mount Tabor


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