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Jonathan Sakas: Relatively Obscure

Jonathan Sakas, Jonathan Sakas interview

On Friday, Jonathan Sakas turned 27, and to celebrate he played a free show at Revolver Records during a crowded and windy First Friday.

Sakas has been making music for eight or nine years,  “in one format or another,” he says.

He runs his own label, and produces and creates all of his musical efforts.

“Of course, if the right label came along, I would be very happy and thankful for that … but most of the labels I’ve talked to and dealt with, they’re great, but not for me,” he says.

“I can do all the stuff they can do. I can send emails … setting stuff up is not the hardest thing in the world.”

His second full-length album, Tomorrow, came out on Aug. 8. Sakas said he had been working on it since September of last year, and spent even longer writing the album.

“I’ve learned so much from the first cd about how to make music and what kind of music I wanted to make, and how to present myself … this is what I really wanted to do and I finally figured it out. It was a natural progression.”

In response to his new album, Sakas said his local fan-base is “growing and growing.”

“I went from extremely obscure to relatively obscure,” he said.

His online presence is bolstered by an array of slick music videos, which have received praise for their high-quality production. Sakas says he plans on making a video for every song on his new cd, having already made three, with a new video in-the-works for “Let it Go.”

Sakas says he focuses on internet promotion because he can reach more people, his latest album having been a digital-release only thus far.

When not making highly danceable music, Sakas is listening to it, saying he enjoys top 40 radio stations and all forms of pop music.

“I listen to all guilty pleasure music,” he says. “I’m a grown man, and I listen to the same music as a 12-year-old girl.”


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