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Interview, Ticket Giveaway: Tim Kasher

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Saddle Creek artist Tim Kasher is in Arizona this week, slated to play two shows — Crescent Ballroom on Tuesday, Oct. 22 and Club Congress on Wednesday, Oct. 23. Kasher, who is known for his involvement in bands Cursive and The Good Life, is currently on tour in support of his solo work. Specifically Adult Film, his third release as a solo act following The Game of Monogamy (2010) and Bigamy: More Songs From the Monogamy Sessions (2011).

Kasher was kind enough to answer some questions for Spec  readers. Find out what the funny man had to say in the interview below and leave a comment on this post for a chance to win tickets to see him live with Laura Stevenson at Crescent Ballroom…

The Spec: Hey, how are you?
Tim Kasher: My mother and father had intercourse and she birthed me?

TS: Throughout much of your professional career, you’ve performed with bands. What is something you’ve learned about your character, or craft, since publicly releasing music as a solo artist?
TK: There’s a lot of self consciousness connected to writing and performing, it’s important to free yourself from those concerns. I’ve shed quite a bit over all these years, though it still rears its head here and there.

TS: Can you share your favorite track on the new album, how it came to be and what makes it a standout for you?
TK: I had high hopes for “A Looping Distress Signal,” though upon gathering reactions for it, it may be more of a deep cut. It’s even literally a deep cut, placed somewhere near the end. It had a lot of different edits lyrically; for a while it was “When a Hit Shits the Fans,” but it just felt too jokey and even presumptuous, that said song might be considered a “hit”.

TS: What major differences (in production, theme or final product) do you see between Adult Film and Bigamy: More Songs from the Monogamy Sessions or The Game of Monogamy? Was there anything you consciously decided to do differently with this new record?
TK: I decided not to go the route of classical instruments and arrangements this time around, versus the Monogamy approach, and Bigamy is more of a laid-back basement album in approach — though it also contains outtakes from Monogamy. Adult Film is more traditionally rock and roll, drums, keys, bass, guitar.

TS: You’ve said in countless interviews that you enjoy writing and do it frequently, how do you decide which stories are better told through song and what exists best as short stories or screenplays? Do you find that you take on a distinct mindset when writing in these different capacities?
TK: I don’t think I consider writing in those terms of what fits best where. If I’m wanting to work in a certain medium, I’m generally pretty happy to have any workable idea and just roll with it.

Looking at the song titles and lyrics in a more literal sense, we’ve come up with several questions for Adult Film’s tracks:

TS: In “American Lit” you sing, “I’ve got a story to tell” — You’ve toured a lot over the years, can you share a tour- or Arizona-specific story with our readers? Non-fictional, please.
TK: Roger [Lewis] from The Good Life once walked into some strangers apartment, assuming it was where we were staying that night. The door was unlocked, he walked in, set his stuff down, had a look around…I think there were people asleep in there. What a good way to get arrested.

TS: Track two is titled “Truly Freaking Out” — What is something real, or imagined, that truly freaks Tim Kasher out?
TK: Bats.

TS: “Where’s Your Heart Lie?” is track three’s inquiry. Finish this sentence: Fans might be surprised to know that I am extremely passionate about…
TK: Scientology. It’s not as weird as people think. Okay, I’m kidding. Satanism.

TS: In “The Willing Cuckold,” you sing about getting lost in song — Can you share a few musicians, albums or songs that you have been listening to a lot recently?
TK: I listen to a lot of Kate Bush. Just got a Gene Pitney record I like. Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen.

TS:”The present is a gift,” is a line from “Life and Limbo” — What is one of the best gifts you’ve received, tangible or not?
TK: I got a ton of Legos for Christmas one year and I’ll never forget how awesome that was.

TS: In “A Raincloud is a Raincloud,” you mention English Lit being horseshit. If you had the opportunity to return to college to study a different topic of interest — what would you choose and why?
TK: Nah, I’d keep studying English. More specifically, creative writing.

TS: “A Lullaby, Sort Of” is the final track to the album — Will you share with us a music-related memory from your childhood?
TK: We used to swim at our neighbor’s pool, three doors up from us. There was this one time where I had to run home to go number two, I farted with every single step, all the way home. I recall being terribly impressed by this. It was rhythmical.


Leave a comment below, or like, share or comment the corresponding Facebook post for your chance to win tickets to the event. The winner will be selected randomly at 3 PM AZ time. Please note: This show is 21+.


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