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Baths Comes Clean, Talks Touring, Sexual Music, Future Releases

Baths interview, Baths, Alex Takacs, Will Wiensenfeld, Will Wiensenfeld interview, Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, Arizona

Photo by Alex Takacs

Will Wiesenfeld, better known as Baths, will be bringing his sensual electronic sound to Phoenix on April 11. His latest album, Obsidian, was released in May of last year- and, as he revealed to The Spec, there is another EP en route.

Read The Spec‘s interview with Wiesenfeld below and catch Baths live at Crescent Ballroom on Friday with Young Fathers and A Cloud for Climbing…

The Spec: Critically speaking, Obsidian has been a well-received record. What has that been like for you? (Not that your other albums haven’t been.)
Will Wiesenfeld: It’s been rad; it was a weirder record and in all honesty, I expected to lose fans, so it’s been very cool.

TS: I’ve read that you describe your music as pretty sexual. Can you elaborate more on what you mean by that?
WW: Haha, not sure? I am a sexual person and I write what I know… I think that comes across in the lyrics. Definitely not using sex as camp or some sort of gimmick though, I try to write about it with taste? I guess?

TS: You’re kicking off your North American tour with Young Fathers in Phoenix this year. Is there any reason in particular behind that? How did you get connected with Young Fathers?
WW: Not really, basic routing leaving Los Angeles.

Young Fathers is one of the newest groups on Anticon, the same label that I’m on, and their music is totally unique. They pretty much have one of the best live shows on the planet, it’s so exciting that we get to tour with them this year.

TS: And it seems like you toured the majority of 2013. What was that experience like? How do you respond to heavy touring?
WW: It was fine, it’s part of the process- performing live in the moment is a wonderful experience, but the hassles surrounding it begin to weigh on me after so much touring. I’m reaaally looking forward to spending time at home later this year.

TS: What originally drove you to make more electronic-based music?
WW: It started that way. I never wrote music without using the aid of a computer, and it’s been electronic in nature since the very beginning, when I was like 15. I tried to emulate my favorites from Warp Records and such (which sounded terrible) and I improved from there.

TS: Do you have any plans in the works for your future musical releases, or is too early to tell at this point?
WW: Yes, I have lots but not wanting to discuss too much at the moment because I don’t know how releases will be scheduled. But LOTS, yes. All I want to do is get home and record!

TS: What can fans expect when they see you at the Crescent Ballroom this April?
WW: A Baths show! haha. I don’t know? We may have a few new songs that people haven’t heard.

TS: Is there anything additional you’d like our readers to know?
WW: Ah, wait! The only release I can mention right now is a new EP coming out soon on Anticon. It’s sort of a companion piece to Obsidian. Don’t know if I’m allowed to give the title yet, but keep an eye out for it in the coming months!

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