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An Horse Rides Into Phoenix’s Hard Rock Café

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An Horse performed at the Hard Rock Café Saturday night, opening for Kevin Devine in support of their 2011 album, Walls.

The duo, comprised of Damon Cox and Kate Cooper, have been touring consistently since March across the United States and Europe.

Although Walls is their second album, it is the first they have properly recorded as a band, Cooper said, adding that the first album was not made intentionally.

“We were just friends mucking around,” she said. “We randomly made some demos but it was more for us to listen to. We had no intentions of being an Australian band, because we had done it and we were tired of doing it.”

After being asked to tour overseas, opening for Death Cab For Cutie and Tegan and Sara among others, they landed a record deal in the U.S.

“The thought of being a rock band in America or getting the opportunity to do that was much more exciting for us.”

“You go on tour in Australia … and maybe you can squeeze ten shows out of it. Here, here you can tour forever …,” she fades off in a tired sigh.

The second album was the first for Cooper and Cox to, “make a record as a band … instead of just demo-ing,” Cooper said, adding that they had grown as a band by that point.

“We’d played a lot of shows by that point, together, so we were better. I just think you live and you get better at life. And I think we’re slightly better at life in some areas… some areas I’m probably worse at life.”

An Horse will finish this current tour in November, and will continue with numerous dates scheduled for overseas venues.

Saturday’s show gave Phoenix fans a chance to experience their great live sound, Cooper’s voice clear and energetic over her distortion-heavy guitar and Cox’s staccato drumming.

Cooper said they love visiting Arizona and the vibe in the desert.

“We’re going to watch Psycho tonight on the bus, because it was filmed in Phoenix,” she said.

Psycho is almost as scary as having to wait another year for An Horse’s return to the valley.


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