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Interview, Ticket Giveaway: French Horn Rebellion

French Horn Rebellion, ticket giveaway, interview, Crescent Ballroom

The Spec recently had quite the spirited interview with French Horn Rebellion, a name that can be summed up in the band’s influences section on Facebook as band geeks gone wild.

The New-York-by-way-of-Wisconsin brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari got bored of traditional French horn music and started the band in 2007. In 2011, debut The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion was released.

On Wednesday, Dec. 11, French Horn Rebellion will perform live at Crescent Ballroom with Slow Magic, and locals The Holy Coast and Jared Alan.

Read on to learn more about French Horn Rebellion and don’t forget to comment on this post or on The Spec‘s Facebook to be entered to win a pair of tickets to the show!

The Spec: How excited are you gents to go on tour with slow magic?
French Horn Rebellion: We’re actually currently on our own headline tour, and are fortunate enough to be teaming up with Slow Magic in Phoenix only. I’ve never met the guys, but it looks to be a really fun time based on what I’ve heard and seen.

TS: Are you classically trained in the French horn and if so do you still play in orchestras or something of the like?
FHR: Yes, we both are classically trained- I specifically focused on French horn performance, and even played French horn professionally for a year with the Chicago Civic Orchestra before starting to do the group full time. Now we make dance music because it’s a lot more fun. That’s why the band is called what it is, French Horn Rebellion.

TS: Which style of music is most influential to your songs?
FHR: As we go forward, we’re really trying to tap into what makes us truly unique from other musicians. It seems whenever we successfully do that, the music is much more honest, true, and just… way better. So for all of the new stuff we’re tapping into our love of New Jack Swing (ya know, BBD, Jody Watley, Boyz II Men). So, we’re going to try and reinvent the genre, making a new sound we like to call “Next Jack Swing.” Its dancey, heav,y funktastic beats.

TS: Do you have a favorite lyricist or poet?
FHR: I think our favorite all-time would have to be Queen. Nothing compares to “Fat-Bottomed Girls“!!

TS: What encouraged you to start the website Band Geeks Gone Wild? How has the response to this project been?
FHR: Imagine one day, you’re playing French horn in an orchestra, and being bored in rehearsal, you decide to say to the conductor “no! I’m not going to play old stuffy music anymore… I want to make hot beats!” That was us in 2009, and why we started the group. We wanted to spread the joy of being creative with your instrument, and embracing your own individuality… we were thinking of ideas, and came up with Band Geeks Gone Wild. The response has been amazing.

TS: Does your inner band geek ever show during a performance?
FHR: OH YEAH. We play French horn at volume 11.

TS: How important has sharing music as brothers been in regards to your musical life, and most especially, French Horn Rebellion?
FHR: It’s a real blessing, to say the least. Sometimes, there are things only your brother can get out of you. We’re also very creatively honest which has been amazing.

TS: Do you have anything to say to your fans here in Phoenix as they prepare for what I’m sure is to be quite the party of a show?
FHR: We’re so excited to be playing in Phoenix! It’s been almost two years since we were there last and we miss you!

Comment on this article, or The Spec’s post on Facebook, for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see French Horn Rebellion live at Crescent Ballroom with Slow Magic on Wednesday, Dec. 11. Winner will be contacted the morning of the show.

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