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Boys & Frogs Disbands, Emby Alexander Forms

Photo by Jonathan McKinley

Words by Dee Wallace

There’s something intriguing about Michael B. Alexander. His body language speaks through gestures and though he sometimes gets tongue tied, the words that always get loose reveal his imagination.

And if you never get to see this to believe it, you’ll hear it in his music.

“The reason why I started playing music…My friend Chris broke his arm […] you can’t play the bass with a broken arm, so he said I could borrow it until his arm healed and I haven’t stopped playing music since…” recalls Alexander.

It’s after 9 P.M. on a Wednesday evening when we pile into Citizen Espresso Bar after hours, assign Alexander a seat in front of a big light, camera and audience, and ask him questions about something he does so naturally: make music.

It was only a few months ago that news broke that the Peoria-based band Boys & Frogs had called it quits. Just as suddenly, but not surprisingly, came the news that the band’s frontman, Alexander, was working on a new musical endeavour, Emby Alexander.

“It’s definitely just exaggerated a lot more. Exaggerated, like, super extreme […] very loud things or very quiet things or harsh things and ugly things and beautiful things and long-winded things and short things,” Alexander says of his new band’s sound. “Just all of those avenues…”

Check out our video interview with the young musician and see a couple Emby Alexander performances below…

Watch the full performance of “Handshere and catch the band live at The Lost Leaf on Friday, April 27 with Bogan Via.


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  1. Thanks for the love! What a great night, interview and artist. Let’s do it again!


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