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Allison Weiss Hits the Road

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Allison Weiss began a two-month tour with Bess Rogers on Wednesday, and we think this is something to celebrate. Perhaps we should invent a holiday to commemorate it, something that involves candy and zombies.

Based out of Brooklyn, Weiss has been playing music since she was a teenager. She released the album …Was Right All Along in 2009 and her fan base has grown steadily since.

“It was basically a compilation of all the songs I’d written and had been playing since around 2006 and just needed to get out into the world.”

Weiss utilizes “crowdfunding” which allows her fans to help support her musical efforts financially. She teamed up with artist-funding site Kickstarter in 2009 to raise money for the record.

Kickstarter assists in the funding of creative projects, and is based on the idea of offering rewards, such as copies of original work or meet-and-greet opportunities in order to raise money for artists.

“It turned out to be an incredible experience, and Kickstarter has grown into an amazing company that helps so many artists achieve their financial and creative goals every day,” she said.

Weiss is currently working on a new studio album with producer Chris Kuffner.

“It’s the first time I’ve really written for an album and spent a lot of time creating on the songs in the studio,” she said.

Fans are also able to donate to her current tour with Bess Rogers, and in return will receive treats ranging from posters to a full-on dinner date with the singers.

They’ll be hitting cities in the south and east until Nov. 10. My guess is these shows will be a blast as both singers have created some delicious pop tunes.

The Spec can’t wait to hear Weiss’s new album, and until we do, we’ll keep ourselves busy wishing she would come to Phoenix. Fingers crossed.

Artist: Allison Weiss | Song: Fingers Crossed

Artist: Bess Rogers | Song: Anchor

For tour info, dates and ways to donate click here.


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