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Ticket Giveaway: Playboy Manbaby, The Thin Bloods Dual Tape Release Show

Playboy Manbaby, The Thin Bloods, Ticket Giveaway, Crescent Ballroom

The energetic stage presence of  frontman Robbie Pfeffer commands attention and makes Playboy Manbaby one of Arizona‘s most exciting acts. I’m certain it’s impossible to go to one of the band’s shows and stand still. If you haven’t already, the band is a must-see.

The about section on the The Thin Bloodswebsite says, “Some sort of rock band from Tempe, AZ,” but the band is so much more than that. I mean, they have a song about Marty McFly, and that earns infinite cool points from The Spec.

Whether or not you’ve seen each band live before, Saturday, Aug. 23 is your lucky day. Playboy Manbaby and The Thin Bloods are both releasing albums and playing Crescent Ballroom on the same night, with support from Boss Frog and Snake! Snake! Snakes!. Make it your luckier day by entering The Spec‘s ticket giveaway.

Enter below for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the party, two winners will be selected… 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be notified by email the morning of Aug. 23. Purchase tickets to the 16+ show here.

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  1. i need this in my life.

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