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Ticket Giveaway, What I Learned at Bandcamp: Haunted Summer

Haunted Summer, ticket giveaway, Bandcamp

Bridgette Eliza Moody and John Seasons were both born and raised in Los Angeles and have been active in music since childhood. The two met after playing alongside each other in separate projects for a decade. They fell in love and began playing together as Haunted Summer a little over a year ago.

The band released five-track album Something in the Water in September 2013 and is currently working on a full-length album. Haunted Summer is on tour with Islands and will make its way to Phoenix to play Crescent Ballroom on Jan. 23. Feeling lucky? The Spec is giving away a pair of tickets to the show.

Below, read our interview with the band and enter to win two tickets to see the band live on Thursday, Jan. 23…

Who/what are your influences?
Life itself influences us every day, but as far as music, we turn to Björk, Flaming Lips, Polyphonic Spree, Cocteau Twins, Velvet Underground.

What is your favorite song you’ve released and why?
We’ve gone back and forth many times on this one, but we realized that “All Around” best conveys our message of beauty through darkness and redemption through truth. A simple song about an entire lifetime.

Upcoming projects, where do you want to go from here?
We are currently working on our first full-length album with Nicolas Essig at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood. It’s a really amazing opportunity and we hope to have the record out by the end of the year. Other than that, we just want to continue touring and spreading the music around the world.

What inspires your music?
Everything we’ve ever seen, everyone we’ve ever met, anything we’ve ever felt.

What musicians or bands do you look up to?
People that paved the way for good songwriting, like John Lennon, Biff Rose, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell

Why do you make music?
It’s our natural artistic way to release inner passions that we feel apart from every day life.

Anything else you’d like readers to know that we haven’t asked you about?
Pick up our records at Amoeba San Francisco and Hollywood, and through our Bandcamp.

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*This event is 21+. Winner will be notified by email on Jan. 23.

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