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Ticket Giveaway: Broken Bells

Broken Bells, Broken Bells ticket giveaway, brian burton, danger mouse, james mercer, the shins, marquee theatre, luckyman shows, phoenix, arizona, broken bells tour, after the disco tour,  after the discoBroken Bells is the musical collaboration between Brian Burton, better known by the moniker Danger Mouse, and Shins frontman James Mercer. The duo has two studio albums to date — its self-titled debut in 2010 and After the Disco, released earlier this year on Columbia Records.

On April 10, Broken Bells will perform at Marquee Theatre in Tempe and The Spec, courtesy of LuckyMan Productions, has three pairs of tickets to give away to the event.

Learn more about the superduo’s newest release below and enter to win tickets…

Mercer on the sophomore album’s title: “‘Oftentimes I’ll go into vocal booths and just sort of scat out some melodies to give us an idea of the possibilities, of where the song could go melodically,’ […] ‘During one of those, I said something that sounded like ‘After The Disco’ and it was me just sort of running through random phonetics. So, we had that, and both Brian and I kind of liked it. I think, in a way, it became a context after that and it seemed like an interesting idea, a theme. You know, the sort-of let-down feeling after something splendid has happened. That became a metaphor for after your youth, after all of that stuff. It just has that melancholy ring to it, which Brian and I for some reason perversely love.'” – “Broken Bells: ‘Nothing matters that much in the grand scheme of things, and that’s kind of a relief to me,’ The Line of Best Fit

Burton on After the Disco inspiration: “We’ve been dealing with a lot of the science-fiction elements of things. James and I are very fascinated with what people in the Fifties and Sixties thought now was gonna be like. That’s when we did the record; that’s where a lot of that came from.” – “Danger Mouse on the Sci-Fi and Deep Chats Behind Broken Bells’ New LP,” Rolling Stone

Mercer on influences behind the more “lively” sophomore release: “Well, I pushed pretty hard to have more dance-y and upbeat tempos on this album. I think because of the territory we had covered on the first record, so much of it was pretty downbeat and dark, and I know Brian can do so much upbeat stuff. […] I’m always eager to go somewhere I haven’t been. In this case, Brian has been there so it was a bit of a give and take with us (laughs) and we ended up in this sort of new territory that neither of us expected.” – “Interview: Broken Bells,” Blare

The new album is accompanied by a short film directed by Jacob Gentry. Burton on how the film came to be: “I just gave him a short story that was a page or two long. It was just an idea, and we wound up following through with it, and it ended up being a short film and a music video as well.” – “Q&A: Broken Bells’ Danger Mouse And James Mercer On The Making And Meaning Of After The Disco,” Stereogum

Watch: Part 1 | Part 2

Winners will be contacted by email on Monday, April 7. Not into giveaways? Solidify your spot in the audience and purchase tickets online here before this show sells out. 


  1. The Ghost Inside is my favorite Broken Bells song! I am still so in love with thier 2010 album. Its perfect to put on while you have friends over for a drink or to chill at a bbq with. I would LOVE to see them! Great article guys!!

  2. The High Road is hands down my favorite Broken Bells song! The intro is so funky, the first time I listened to it immediately fell in love. I love hearing about how an album comes to be and all the ideas and reasoning behind it. Pretty hyped to hear some new stuff! Thanks for sharing (:

  3. The new album is fantastic!

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