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Summer Ends Music Festival: Q&A with The Senators

The Senators interview, Summer Ends Music Festival ticket giveaway

Summer Ends Music Festival will feature live performances by The Replacements, Foster the People, Capital Cities, Descendents, Violent Femmes, Fitz & the Tantrums and more than 20 other popular acts. The inaugural three-day festival will take place September 26-28 at Tempe Beach Park.  Tickets are on sale now: three-day passes for $250 and single-day passes for $65.

Through September 24, The Spec will be publishing interviews with bands on the lineup and giving away tickets to the event.

The Senators is an Americana rock band based out of Phoenix. Brothers Jesse and Adam Teer began writing music together in 2012 and enlisted the help of longtime friends Joe Bitz and Jason Yee to complete the band. Debut album, Harsher than Whiskey, Sweeter than Wine, was released in 2013 and is available for free download on the band’s website.

Catch The Senators live during day one of Summer Ends Music Festival.

Check out our interview with Adam Teer below, and don’t forget to use the Rafflecopter to enter to win tickets to the festival…

Song of yours you would recommend to someone just being introduce to your music?
We just quietly released an album on our website, and we’d like you to have it completely free of charge before we push it as a fully promoted national release. The album has some tracks from our previous albums, with some new ones on there as well. The first track, “Lights,” is a fun new one. We were able to re-track and remaster one of our favorites, “Lazarus.” You can find that one there as well. Pick up the free album and absolutely let us know what you think of it; we’d love to hear from you via social media, email, or an old-fashioned letter.

Unexpected talent you or someone else in the band has?
Jason and I have some pretty decent beatboxing skills (makes sense for the rhythm section to be good at it). Joe is really good at making cheap puns, and Jesse is a great wheelman. He can handle a Suburban with a big old trailer hitched up on the back like a champ and he might be the best drive-all-through-the-night guy I know.

Must-have thing while on tour or in the studio?
Fun. If we are having fun and vibing well while rehearsing or performing, then we are playing music as it was meant to be.

Music award, honor, achievement or induction that you would be most excited to get?
I have always wanted the opportunity to play at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. It was home to the Grand Ole Opry for decades. We are all American history buffs, and it would be an honor to play in such a gorgeous historic venue.

Explain the moment you knew that you wanted to be a musician?
We have all been involved with music from a young age. Joe and I were in pep band together. Jesse and Jason were classically trained. But when I knew I wanted to play with The Senators for a living was during our second show, which was at the Rhythm Room in town. Just the interaction we had with the crowd and how we all played off of each other and were all just in that pocket, I knew I wanted to do that with these guys every night.

Recent concert you attended as a fan and your favorite memory from it.
Not quite a concert, but I was able to attend Once when it came through this year to Gammage. What an unbelievable performance. It displayed to me how much of an intimate and shared experience music can be on a grand stage and with loads of production.

Finish the following sentences:

Everyone thinks my music is it’d be very rock-and-roll of us to say that we don’t care what everyone thinks but I think anyone who says that isn’t telling the truth. Truth is, we care very much… we hope that listeners feel our music, especially at a live show, and understand that we are making it to bring everyone together around something hopeful and positive.

Number one rule of being a musician or in a band is keep pushing yourself and don’t settle. Just because you are having trouble writing a song or you think you have something down, doesn’t mean it can’t always be better. Keep being creative and work at things. It’ll only make you better and it will keep pushing you forward. Most times when we practice the set, we tweak a part or change how the song will end or how we build in a spot. The great thing about music is that it is always fluid and you can constantly work with it. It is never set in stone, so keep exploring that.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of collective creativity. One mind is great, but special things can come from having four people working on the same wavelength. Everyone thinks, analyzes, and creates differently, so it’s a benefit to tap into that. Some of the best live arrangements we have come from us hanging in a room and trying new parts and instrumentation than what is on the recording.

Summer Ends Music Fest will be a great event for music in Arizona. Not only do we get to hear a bunch of solid national acts, a good group of local bands will be representing the state as well. It will be fun to get everyone together out in Tempe.


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Follow The Spec’s continuing coverage of Summer Ends Music Festival here.


  1. I want to go to the festival on Sunday! My brother’s band Bogan Via is playing!

  2. Day 1 would be awesome, thats my 1st choice… day 3 maybe

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