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The Spec Discount Code for Uber Riders

Spec discount code, Uber, Uber app

At The Spec, we’re dedicated to promoting and attending shows at venues across Arizona. Most of the time, a great concert is paired with a great beer and we’d like to help you get home safely.

If you’re at a show and drank too much to drive home responsibly, or you’d like to go out without reservation, download the Uber app and enter the code SPECAZ for $15 off your first ride with the company.

Uber is fast and convenient. The app links directly to the credit or debit card of your choice, meaning no money is exchanged between driver and rider. It also uses GPS to track your location, which means you’ll be connected with the closest driver with the simple tap of a button and even if you’re not sure of an exact address, Uber will be able to find you.

Users can request the car of their choice. So depending on your style and budget for the night, you can choose from the UberX everyday car and driver, to a high-end sedan with private driver. There’s also the SUV for traveling with up to six people or the Uber luxury vehicle to ride in style.

So, next time you’re out, use Uber, input SPECAZ, and take the $15 you’ll save to purchase another concert ticket, something from the merch table or another drink.

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