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The Spec, established in August 2011, is a website focused on covering local and independent musicians. Founders Alexis Getscher and D’Aundra Wallace graduated from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in December 2010 and decided to pave their own way within the journalism industry.

Their affinity for music and all things local led them to carve out their own piece of intangible space — The Spec.

The definition of “spec” is, “In the hope of success but without any specific commission or instructions.”

The goal for this website is, and always will be, to give a voice to the voiceless, share lesser-known but infinitely talented artists (in various forms), and write what we know.

Every week you can look forward to something new on The Spec. We regularly posts concert and album reviews,  upcoming events, giveaways and contests, photography and video, interviews, and more.

If you know a local scene we don’t know about, write to us.
If your little heart has been broken by an amazing new band, tell us about it.
And if you feel the need to declare your undying faith and devotion to The Spec
Well, we love you, too.

The Spec shares media, such as videos and mp3s that we do not own the rights to. We do this with the intent of getting people to support the original artists, in whatever way possible — buying merchandise, attending shows, purchasing official releases.

Content that we post on our website, which is not our own, is always given proper credit and packaged in a way that does not encourage piracy or counterfeiting.

Please support artists.

If you own the copyrights to any of the content posted on The Spec and would like to have it removed,  please contact us at admin [at] thespecblog [dot] com and it will be promptly taken down.